SSIS – How To Save a Package as a Template

When creating SSIS packages, you may need to set up common steps, connections or variables. For instance it is possible that you create the same type of package frequently but with slightly different configurations. Visual Studio allows you to save packages as templates. Unfortunately it is not quite as easy as in MS Word (where you can choose to “Save as Template”), but it is easy.

How to create the template

  1. Create package in Visual Studio.
  2. Add Connections, Variables and Tasks to be included in template.
  3. Once the template is complete select File->Save Copy of Package As
  4. Browse to the following folder C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PrivateAssemblies\ProjectItems\DataTransformationProject\DataTransformationItems
    (note: you can also copy any .dtsx files to this folder manually to be included as a template)

How to use the template

  1. Create SSIS Project
  2. Right-Click the project and select Add->New Item
    (note: Right clicking the “SSIS Packages” folder will not give you this option, it must be added by right-clicking the actual project node in solution explorer)
  3. In the “Add New Item” window select the template you created earlier and click “Add”.

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